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  1. Review

    Transformation of the released asbestos, carbon fibers and carbon nanotubes from composite materials and the changes of their potential health impacts

    Composite materials with fibrous reinforcement often provide superior mechanical, thermal, electrical and optical properties than the matrix. Asbestos, carbon fibers and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have been widel...

    Jing Wang, Lukas Schlagenhauf and Ari Setyan

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2017 15:15

    Published on: 20 February 2017

  2. Research

    Impact of semi-solid formulations on skin penetration of iron oxide nanoparticles

    This work aimed to provide useful information on the incidence of the choice of formulation in semi-solid preparations of iron-oxide nanoparticles (IONs). The appropriate analytical methods to assess the IONs ...

    Umberto M. Musazzi, Benedetta Santini, Francesca Selmin, Valentina Marini, Fabio Corsi, Raffaele Allevi, Anna M. Ferretti, Davide Prosperi, Francesco Cilurzo, Miriam Colombo and Paola Minghetti

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2017 15:14

    Published on: 17 February 2017

  3. Research

    Anthocyanins encapsulated by PLGA@PEG nanoparticles potentially improved its free radical scavenging capabilities via p38/JNK pathway against Aβ1–42-induced oxidative stress

    In order to increase the bioavailability of hydrophilic unstable drugs like anthocyanins, we employed a polymer-based nanoparticles approach due to its unique properties such as high stability, improved bioava...

    Faiz Ul Amin, Shahid Ali Shah, Haroon Badshah, Mehtab Khan and Myeong Ok Kim

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2017 15:12

    Published on: 7 February 2017

  4. Research

    Poly-lactic acid nanoparticles (PLA-NP) promote physiological modifications in lung epithelial cells and are internalized by clathrin-coated pits and lipid rafts

    Poly-lactic acid nanoparticles (PLA-NP) are a type of polymeric NP, frequently used as nanomedicines, which have advantages over metallic NP such as the ability to maintain therapeutic drug levels for sustaine...

    Camila Macedo da Luz, Matthew Samuel Powys Boyles, Priscila Falagan-Lotsch, Mariana Rodrigues Pereira, Henrique Rudolf Tutumi, Eidy de Oliveira Santos, Nathalia Balthazar Martins, Martin Himly, Aniela Sommer, Ilse Foissner, Albert Duschl, José Mauro Granjeiro and Paulo Emílio Corrêa Leite

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2017 15:11

    Published on: 31 January 2017

  5. Research

    Improved in vitro angiogenic behavior on anodized titanium dioxide nanotubes

    Neovascularization over dental implants is an imperative requisite to achieve successful osseointegration onto implanted materials. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects on in vitro angiogenesis...

    Ernesto Beltrán-Partida, Benjamín Valdéz-Salas, Aldo Moreno-Ulloa, Alan Escamilla, Mario A. Curiel, Raúl Rosales-Ibáñez, Francisco Villarreal, David M. Bastidas and José M. Bastidas

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2017 15:10

    Published on: 31 January 2017

  6. Research

    Targeted imaging and induction of apoptosis of drug-resistant hepatoma cells by miR-122-loaded graphene-InP nanocompounds

    Currently, graphene oxide has attracted growing attention as a drug delivery system due to its unique characteristics. Furthermore, utilization of microRNAs as biomarkers and therapeutic strategies would be pa...

    Xin Zeng, Yi Yuan, Ting Wang, Han Wang, Xianyun Hu, Ziyi Fu, Gen Zhang, Bin Liu and Guangming Lu

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2017 15:9

    Published on: 23 January 2017

  7. Research

    C60 fullerene as promising therapeutic agent for correcting and preventing skeletal muscle fatigue

    Bioactive soluble carbon nanostructures, such as the C60 fullerene can bond with up to six electrons, thus serving by a powerful scavenger of reactive oxygen species similarly to many natural antioxidants, widely...

    Yurij I. Prylutskyy, Inna V. Vereshchaka, Andriy V. Maznychenko, Nataliya V. Bulgakova, Olga O. Gonchar, Olena A. Kyzyma, Uwe Ritter, Peter Scharff, Tomasz Tomiak, Dmytro M. Nozdrenko, Iryna V. Mishchenko and Alexander I. Kostyukov

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2017 15:8

    Published on: 13 January 2017

  8. Research

    Hyaluronic acid-coated chitosan nanoparticles induce ROS-mediated tumor cell apoptosis and enhance antitumor efficiency by targeted drug delivery via CD44

    A targeted drug nanoparticle (NP) delivery system has shown potential as a possible cancer treatment. Given its merits, such as its selective distribution at tumor sites and its controllable drug release, drug...

    Tao Wang, Jiahui Hou, Chang Su, Liang Zhao and Yijie Shi

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2017 15:7

    Published on: 10 January 2017

  9. Review

    Interaction of biomedical nanoparticles with the pulmonary immune system

    Engineered nanoparticles (NPs) offer site-specific delivery, deposition and cellular uptake due to their unique physicochemical properties and were shown to modulate immune responses. The respiratory tract wit...

    Fabian Blank, Kleanthis Fytianos, Emilie Seydoux, Laura Rodriguez-Lorenzo, Alke Petri-Fink, Christophe von Garnier and Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2017 15:6

    Published on: 9 January 2017

  10. Research

    Cytotoxic effects of nanosilver are highly dependent on the chloride concentration and the presence of organic compounds in the cell culture media

    Nanosilver shows great promise for use in industrial, consumer or medical products because of its antimicrobial properties. However, the underlying mechanisms of the effects of silver nanoparticles on human ce...

    Jean-Pierre Kaiser, Matthias Roesslein, Liliane Diener, Adrian Wichser, Bernd Nowack and Peter Wick

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2017 15:5

    Published on: 6 January 2017

  11. Research

    Antioxidant capacities of the selenium nanoparticles stabilized by chitosan

    Selenium (Se) as one of the essential trace elements for human plays an important role in the oxidation reduction system. But the high toxicity of Se limits its application. In this case, the element Se with z...

    Xiaona Zhai, Chunyue Zhang, Guanghua Zhao, Serge Stoll, Fazheng Ren and Xiaojing Leng

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2017 15:4

    Published on: 5 January 2017

  12. Research

    Elasto-inertial microfluidics for bacteria separation from whole blood for sepsis diagnostics

    Bloodstream infections (BSI) remain a major challenge with high mortality rate, with an incidence that is increasing worldwide. Early treatment with appropriate therapy can reduce BSI-related morbidity and mor...

    Muhammad Asim Faridi, Harisha Ramachandraiah, Indradumna Banerjee, Sahar Ardabili, Sergey Zelenin and Aman Russom

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2017 15:3

    Published on: 4 January 2017

  13. Research

    Pterodon emarginatus oleoresin-based nanoemulsion as a promising tool for Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae) control

    Preparation of nanoformulations using natural products as bioactive substances is considered very promising for innovative larvicidal agents. On this context, oil in water nanoemulsions develop a main role, si...

    Anna E. M. F. M. Oliveira, Jonatas L. Duarte, Rodrigo A. S. Cruz, Raimundo N. P. Souto, Ricardo M. A. Ferreira, Taires Peniche, Edemilson C. da Conceição, Leandra A. R. de Oliveira, Silvia M. M. Faustino, Alexandro C. Florentino, José C. T. Carvalho and Caio P. Fernandes

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2017 15:2

    Published on: 3 January 2017

  14. Research

    Intracellular trafficking and cellular uptake mechanism of PHBV nanoparticles for targeted delivery in epithelial cell lines

    Nanotechnology is a science that involves imaging, measurement, modeling and a manipulation of matter at the nanometric scale. One application of this technology is drug delivery systems based on nanoparticles...

    Juan P. Peñaloza, Valeria Márquez-Miranda, Mauricio Cabaña-Brunod, Rodrigo Reyes-Ramírez, Felipe M. Llancalahuen, Cristian Vilos, Fernanda Maldonado-Biermann, Luis A. Velásquez, Juan A. Fuentes, Fernando D. González-Nilo, Maité Rodríguez-Díaz and Carolina Otero

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2017 15:1

    Published on: 3 January 2017

  15. Research

    Synthesis and functionalization of protease-activated nanoparticles with tissue plasminogen activator peptides as targeting moiety and diagnostic tool for pancreatic cancer

    Functionalized nanoparticles (NPs) are one promising tool for detecting specific molecular targets and combine molecular biology and nanotechnology aiming at modern imaging. We aimed at ligand-directed deliver...

    Sophie Dobiasch, Szilard Szanyi, Aleko Kjaev, Jens Werner, Albert Strauss, Christian Weis, Lars Grenacher, Katya Kapilov-Buchman, Liron-Limor Israel, Jean-Paul Lellouche, Erica Locatelli, Mauro Comes Franchini, Jennifer Vandooren, Ghislain Opdenakker and Klaus Felix

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2016 14:81

    Published on: 19 December 2016

  16. Research

    Biodistribution of biodegradable polymeric nano-carriers loaded with busulphan and designed for multimodal imaging

    Multifunctional nanocarriers for controlled drug delivery, imaging of disease development and follow-up of treatment efficacy are promising novel tools for disease diagnosis and treatment. In the current inves...

    Heba Asem, Ying Zhao, Fei Ye, Åsa Barrefelt, Manuchehr Abedi-Valugerdi, Ramy El-Sayed, Ibrahim El-Serafi, Khalid M. Abu-Salah, Jörg Hamm, Mamoun Muhammed and Moustapha Hassan

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2016 14:82

    Published on: 19 December 2016

  17. Research

    Targeted drug delivery of near IR fluorescent doxorubicin-conjugated poly(ethylene glycol) bisphosphonate nanoparticles for diagnosis and therapy of primary and metastatic bone cancer in a mouse model

    Most primary and metastatic bone tumors demonstrate increased osteoclast activity and bone resorption. Current treatment is based on a combination of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Severe side effects...

    S. Rudnick-Glick, E. Corem-Salkmon, I. Grinberg and S. Margel

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2016 14:80

    Published on: 5 December 2016

  18. Review

    A critical review of the current knowledge regarding the biological impact of nanocellulose

    Several forms of nanocellulose, notably cellulose nanocrystals and nanofibrillated cellulose, exhibit attractive property matrices and are potentially useful for a large number of industrial applications. Thes...

    C. Endes, S. Camarero-Espinosa, S. Mueller, E. J. Foster, A. Petri-Fink, B. Rothen-Rutishauser, C. Weder and M. J. D. Clift

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2016 14:78

    Published on: 1 December 2016

  19. Research

    Release of copper-amended particles from micronized copper-pressure-treated wood during mechanical abrasion

    We investigated the particles released due to abrasion of wood surfaces pressure-treated with micronized copper azole (MCA) wood preservative and we gathered preliminary data on its in vitro cytotoxicity for l...

    Chiara Civardi, Lukas Schlagenhauf, Jean-Pierre Kaiser, Cordula Hirsch, Claudio Mucchino, Adrian Wichser, Peter Wick and Francis W. M. R. Schwarze

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2016 14:77

    Published on: 28 November 2016

  20. Research

    Generation of protective immunity against Orientia tsutsugamushi infection by immunization with a zinc oxide nanoparticle combined with ScaA antigen

    Zinc oxide nanoparticle (ZNP) has been applied in various biomedical fields. Here, we investigated the usage of ZNP as an antigen carrier for vaccine development by combining a high affinity peptide to ZNP.

    Na-Young Ha, Hyun Mu Shin, Prashant Sharma, Hyun Ah Cho, Chan-Ki Min, Hong-il Kim, Nguyen Thi Hai Yen, Jae-Seung Kang, Ik-Sang Kim, Myung-Sik Choi, Young Keun Kim and Nam-Hyuk Cho

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2016 14:76

    Published on: 26 November 2016

  21. Methodology

    High efficiency penetration of antibody-immobilized nanoneedle thorough plasma membrane for in situ detection of cytoskeletal proteins in living cells

    The field of structural dynamics of cytoskeletons in living cells is gathering wide interest, since better understanding of cytoskeleton intracellular organization will provide us with not only insights into b...

    R. Kawamura, K. Shimizu, Y. Matsumoto, A. Yamagishi, Y. R. Silberberg, M. Iijima, S. Kuroda, K. Fukazawa, K. Ishihara and C. Nakamura

    Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2016 14:74

    Published on: 3 November 2016

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