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Figure 8 | Journal of Nanobiotechnology

Figure 8

From: Inorganic phosphate nanorods are a novel fluorescent label in cell biology

Figure 8

Effect of fluorescent nanorods (EuPO4 and TbPO4) with different concentrations to normal HUVEC was observed by [3H]thymidine incorporation asssay. A serum-starved HUVEC was treated with (A) EuPO4·H2O nanorods and (B) TbPO4·H2O nanorods at the concentration range of 1–100 μg/mL [Eu1 = 1 μg/ml, Eu50 = 50 μg/ml, Eu100 = 100 μg/ml. Similarly, Tb1 = 1 μg/ml, Tb50 = 50 μg/ml, Tb100 = 100 μg/ml]. Average of three independent experiments, each was done in triplicate.

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