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Figure 3

From: Truncated forms of viral VP2 proteins fused to EGFP assemble into fluorescent parvovirus-like particles

Figure 3

Confocal imaging of Sf 9 cells infected with recombinant baculoviruses. (A) Ac EGFP-VP2, (B) Ac EGFP-VP2-14, (C) Ac EGFP-VP2-23, (D) Ac EGFP-VP2-40, (E) Ac VP2, (F) Ac VP2-14, (G) Ac VP2-23, and (H) Ac VP2-40. A monoclonal anti-capsid antibody (A4E3) for detection of assembled VP2 was visualized with AlexaFluor® 633-conjugated anti-mouse secondary antibody (violet), whereas EGFP (green) was imaged directly. Co-localization of the fusion partners in the merged images is shown in white. All images are single confocal midsections from single cells of approximately 0.7 μm in thickness. Bars 2 μm.

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