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Figure 5

From: Truncated forms of viral VP2 proteins fused to EGFP assemble into fluorescent parvovirus-like particles

Figure 5

Fluorescence measurements and dot blot analysis of insect cell lysates exposed to sucrose gradient centrifugation. The samples were produced from Sf 9 cells containing EGFP-VP2 (...), EGFP-VP2-14 (-.-), EGFP-VP2-23 (- -) and EGFP-VP2-40 (—) and the relative fluorescence determined (A). Dot blot analysis of the corresponding fractions using anti-capsid (A4E3) antibody detected by AP-conjugated goat anti-rabbit IgG (B). Fractions 1 to 37 (bottom to top) of the gradients are indicated below.

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