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Figure 10 | Journal of Nanobiotechnology

Figure 10

From: Cationic nanoparticles for delivery of amphotericin B: preparation, characterization and activity in vitro

Figure 10

Correlation between Candida albicans viability (%) and zeta-potential (mV) for AmB formulation at low (□) and high P (). At high P, formulations are more loosely packed and efficiently deliver the aggregated drug to the fungus at low zeta-potentials. On the other hand, at low P, formulations are more tightly packed and efficiently deliver the monomeric drug (solubilized at the edges of the bilayer fragments) to the fungus at high zeta-potentials. Both formulations lead to zero % of fungus viability, a situation that cannot be achieved for cationic components of the particles in separate.

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