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Figure 4

From: Cationic nanoparticles for delivery of amphotericin B: preparation, characterization and activity in vitro

Figure 4

Adsorption of poly(diallyldimethylammonium) chloride onto carboxy methyl cellulose layer of amphotericin B- cationic bilayer fragment. Effect of PDDA concentration on z-average diameter (A) and zeta-potential (B) for DODAB BF/AmB/CMC/PDDA assemblies. Final DODAB, AmB and CMC concentrations were 1 mM, 0.005 mM and 1 mg.mL-1, respectively. Interaction time between DODAB BF/AmB and CMC is 20 minutes. Thereafter, the interaction between DODAB BF/AmB/CMC and PDDA lasted 30 minutes.

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