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Figure 9 | Journal of Nanobiotechnology

Figure 9

From: Cationic nanoparticles for delivery of amphotericin B: preparation, characterization and activity in vitro

Figure 9

Fungicidal activity of different assemblies at high P against fungus. Cell viability (%) of Candida albicans (1 × 106 cfu/mL) as a function of CMC (A, B) or PDDA (C, D) concentration in the presence of different assemblies: CMC only (A); AmB/DODAB/CMC (B); CMC/PDDA (C) and AmB/DODAB/CMC/PDDA (D). The assemblies interacted with cells for 1 h before dilution (1:1000) and plating on agar of 0.1 mL of the diluted mixture.

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