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Table 1 Oxidation currents for the different geometries

From: Light triggered detection of aminophenyl phosphate with a quantum dot based enzyme electrode

Geometry ΔImax [nA] direct detection of 4AP ΔImax [nA] direct detection of p APP ΔImax [nA] enzymatic reaction KM [mM]
S0 18.4 2.1 16.3 0.16
S1 14.4 2.1 14.0 0.12
S2 21.8 - - -
I1 14.8 - 9.8 0.29
I2 4.1 - 3.5 0.15
  1. Maximum oxidation currents are recorded for different geometries S0, S1, S2, I1, I2 as recorded in phosphate buffer with pH = 7.8. Data are shown for detection of 4AP (cfg. Figure 4), p APP (cfg. Additional File 1), and detection of 4AP after enzymatic degradation of p APP with ALP (cfg. Figure 5). In the case of the enzymatic reaction also the Michaelis-Menten constant KM is given.