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Figure 2

From: Evaluating the effect of assay preparation on the uptake of gold nanoparticles by RAW264.7 cells

Figure 2

AuNP (10 nm) uptake in RAW 264.7 cells cultured in adherent (plate and insert) or suspension set-up and their proliferation pattern. A. AuNP (10 nm) uptake in RAW 264.7 cells show a time-dependent pattern with the highest concentrations determined at 12 h for both traditional and insert set-up. There was a significant difference between AuNPs measured in cells grown in plate versus AuNPs in cells cultured in insert set-up. B. AuNP uptake in RAW 264.7 cells cultured in suspension. The peak in AuNP (10 nm) uptake (pg/cell) was detected at 24 h. Except for the 24 h time-point all the time-points were close to the background levels. C. RAW 264.7 cells cultured in plates and in suspension proliferate the most when exposed to AuNPs (10 nm) compared to RAW 264.7 cells grown in inserts. Graph shows mean and SEM (N = 6; 2 experiments for Figure 4A and N = 3, 1 experiment for Figure 4B) *, p < 0.05 as determined by two-way ANOVA when comparing traditional to insert set-up.

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