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Fig. 3 | Journal of Nanobiotechnology

Fig. 3

From: Impact of degradable nanowires on long-term brain tissue responses

Fig. 3

Confocal images 1 year post nanowire injection. Representative laser scanning confocal microscopy images of the scar area after injection of 2 μm long HfOx-coated (ae) and SiOx-coated GaP (fj) nanowires 1 year post injection. The intact HfOx-coated and fragmented SiOx-coated GaP nanowires are visualized in white using scattered laser light mode. The images demonstrate the difference in nanowire cell load and degradability of the two types of nanowires studied. Note also the few rod-shaped SiOx-coated nanowires found in single, small ED1-positive cells (arrows). ED1-positive cells (green), GFAP-positive cells (red), cell nuclei (blue) and nanowires (white, scattered laser light). Scale bar 20 μm

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