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Fig. 4

From: Targeted siRNA delivery reduces nitric oxide mediated cell death after spinal cord injury

Fig. 4

Downregulation of nitric oxide production after siRNA treatment by activated M1 macrophages. The groups are indicated as: no cytokine stimulation (control), M2 polarized macrophages (IL-4), M1 activated macrophages without siRNA treatment (LPS + IFNγ), naked siRNA delivered with transfection reagent for 48 h (siRNA* w/TR) or without transfection reagent (siRNA* w/o TR). siRNA was also coupled to chitosan NPs with (10% Ab-siRNA*-chitosan NPs) or without (siRNA*-chitosan NPs) antibody targeting moiety. Scrambled siRNA sequences were also used to screen for nitric oxide changes and these groups (grey bars) are denoted as siRNA(N). ***p ≤ 0.001 vs control

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