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Table 1 Analyses of degradation percentages and degradation rate coefficients for the HIDPPDNE-entrapped ICG and free ICG

From: Synthesis, characterization, and biological verification of anti-HER2 indocyanine green–doxorubicin-loaded polyethyleneimine-coated perfluorocarbon double nanoemulsions for targeted photochemotherapy of breast cancer cells

Group % ICG degradation k d (h−1)
HIDPPDNE-entrapped ICG
 4 °C in the dark 21.05%a 0.0049a
 37 °C in the dark 39.84%a 0.0113a
Freely dissolved ICG in PBS
 4 °C in the dark 44.21% 0.0121
 37 °C in the dark 81.63% 0.0353
  1. a P < 0.05 as compared to the group with freely dissolved ICG under the same heating treatment