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Fig. 3

From: Synthesis of europium-doped VSOP, customized enhancer solution and improved microscopy fluorescence methodology for unambiguous histological detection

Fig. 3

Stability of Eu fluorescence in presence of free iron(III) ions. The fluorescence intensity developed by each enhancer solution was set to 100% for a solution with constant cfinal(Eu) = 50 nmol/L and without iron(III). The fluorescence signal intensity developed by DELFIA was reduced to 10% when exposed to c(Fe) > 1 µmol/L while the Eu fluorescence intensity developed with HEE remained at 100% in the presence of c(Fe) up to 100 µmol/L. The SD of the mean fluorescence signal (n = 3) for HEE variates between 0.7 and 8% and between 0.3 and 11% for DELFIA

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