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Fig. 7 | Journal of Nanobiotechnology

Fig. 7

From: Gold nanoparticles stabilize peptide-drug-conjugates for sustained targeted drug delivery to cancer cells

Fig. 7

Fourier Transformed Infra-Red spectra of PEG and PDC binding to gold nanoparticles. FTIR analysis was used to characterize the chemical binding of both PEG and Peptide drug conjugate to the surface of the nanoparticle. For the chemical bond significant of each peak, please refer to the text. a A1—gold nanoparticles; A2—PEG 6000; A3—PEG-6000 coated gold nanoparticles. b B1—PEG-6000 coated gold nanoparticles; B2—gold nanoparticles coated peptide4—chlorambucil; B3—PEG-6000 coated gold nanoparticles—PDC peptide4—melphalan; B4—PEG-6000 coated gold nanoparticles—PDC peptide4—Bendamustine; B5—PDC peptide4—chlorambucil; B6—PDC peptide4– melphalan; B7—PDC peptide4—bendamustine

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