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Fig. 3

From: Delivery of siRNA in vitro and in vivo using PEI-capped porous silicon nanoparticles to silence MRP1 and inhibit proliferation in glioblastoma

Fig. 3

Functional inhibition of MRP1 transmembrane transport and GBM cell proliferation. T98G was treated with 25 µM of MK-571 for 72 h and untreated cells were used as a control. a The cell viability was measured by the Annexin-V assay and b cells were counted using the Trypan Blue assay. c, d At the 24 h time point, cells were incubated in 0.20 µM of Calcein AM staining solution at 37 °C. After incubation for 30 min, cell samples were immediately washed and analysed by flow cytometry to determine cellular uptake of Calcein AM. (*p < 0.0329, **p < 0.0023 compared to untreated) (n = 4; mean ± standard deviation)

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