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Fig. 4

From: Delivery of siRNA in vitro and in vivo using PEI-capped porous silicon nanoparticles to silence MRP1 and inhibit proliferation in glioblastoma

Fig. 4

Effect of MRP1 silencing on the proliferative state of U87 cells. a Immunofluorescence of Ki67 imaged with confocal microscopy. b Quantitation of Ki67 positive cell proportion. (*, #, ^p < 0.05 as compared to untreated, PEI-pSiNPs loaded with ctrl siRNA, and PEI-pSiNPs, respectively) (n = 3, mean ± standard deviation). c Distribution of cells in G1/S and M phases as indicated by relative expression of phospho-tyr15 Cdk2 and phospho-ser10 histone H3 revealed by immunoblotting. d Distribution of cell cycle populations as illustrated by DNA content histogram

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