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Table 1 Apparent kinetic parameters (Km, Vmax) of HRP-antigen conjugates and Au@Pt NR-antigen conjugates

From: Highly sensitive and robust peroxidase-like activity of Au–Pt core/shell nanorod-antigen conjugates for measles virus diagnosis

Catalyst Substrate Km (mM) Vmax (nM s−1)
HRP-antigen conjugates TMB 0.15 16.12
HRP-antigen conjugates H2O2 0.68 16.54
Au@Pt NR-antigen conjugates TMB 0.30 195.17
Au@Pt NR-antigen conjugates H2O2 10.67 125.65
  1. Condition: at 37 °C in 0.1 M PBS buffers (pH = 5). For TMB as the substrate, the H2O2 concentration was fixed at 20 mM. For H2O2 as the substrate, the TMB concentration was fixed at 1 mM