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Fig. 2

From: Combustion-derived particles inhibit in vitro human lung fibroblast-mediated matrix remodeling

Fig. 2

Inhibited collagen type I matrix remodeling by human lung fibroblasts exposed to CDPs. Human lung fibroblasts (MRC-5 cell line) were exposed for 24 h to 20 µg/cm2 of three different types of CDPs at 37 °C and embedded in 3D collagen type I hydrogels to study cell-mediated matrix remodeling. Representative images of collagen type I (second harmonic imaging, green) remodeling induced by fibroblasts (cell body in yellow) are shown incubated with a culture medium (negative control), b ufPL, c ufP90, and d CCB. Scale bars: 30 µm. e Analysis of the spread of fibril orientation of the collagen fibrils (κ) as quantification of the collagen organization around the force poles of the embedded cells under the various conditions. Data are represented as means ± standard deviation (SD) (n = 4). Statistically different from control *p < 0.005; **p < 0.0005

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