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Table 2 Antibodies

From: Silica nanoparticle-exposure during neuronal differentiation modulates dopaminergic and cholinergic phenotypes in SH-SY5Y cells

Secondary antibody Dilution Use with corresponding primary for detection of Company
dk anti-rabbit IgG HRP 1:5000 phospho-Akt; Akt; TH Novex
1:10,000 GSK3-b; β-catenin  
dk anti-rabbit IgG
AF 488 or 647 nm
1:200 GSK3-b; β-catenin; TH Invitrogen
dk anti-mouse IgG HRP 1:5000 phospho-p44/42 MAP-K; p44/42 MAP-K; MAP-2 Novex
1:50,000 β-actin  
dk anti-mouse IgG
AF 488 nm
1:200 CHT1; β-3-tubulin; α/β-synuclein Invitrogen
dk anti-rat IgG HRP 1:2000 DAT Novex
  1. AF Alexa Fluor, dk donkey, HRP horseradish peroxidase, IF immunofluorescence, WB Western blot