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Table 10 Synthesis of nanoceria by other methods

From: Synthesis and biomedical applications of nanoceria, a redox active nanoparticle

S. no Precursors Medium Method References
1. Cerium acetate hydrate, oleyamine, oleic acid, and NaOH Hexadecane Nonhydrolytic solvent method [108]
2. Cerium nitrate hexahydrate and ethylene diamine Ethylenediamine and water Direct room temperature and solvothermal method [109]
3. Cerium nitrate hexahydrate and 6-aminohexanoic acid (AHA) Water Aqueous phase synthesis [110]
4. Cerium carbonate hydrate, and Molten KOH–NaOH mixture Nil Partial oxidation method [111]
5. Cerium nitrate Water Solution plasma process [114]