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Table 3 Synthesis of nanoceria by green/bio-directed synthesis

From: Synthesis and biomedical applications of nanoceria, a redox active nanoparticle

S. no Precursors Medium Method References
1. Cerium(III) acetate hydrate and egg white Water Bio-directed synthesis [56]
2. Cerium chloride heptahydrate and Acalypha indica leaf extract Water Green approach [59]
3. Cerium nitrate hexahydrate, gum tragacanth from Astragalus versus and ammonia solution Water Gum mediated synthesis [65]
4. Cerium chloride heptahydrate and Curvularia lunata culture filtrate Water Mycosynthesis [63]
5. Cerium nitrate hexahydrate and aloe vera leaf extract Water Green method [60]
6. Cerium nitrate hexahydrate, starch, and ammonium hydroxide solution Water Green synthesis [66]
7. Cerium nitrate hexahydrate and honey Water Green synthesis [67]
8. Gloriosa superba leaf extract and cerium chloride salt Water Green synthesis [58]
9. Cerium nitrate hexahydrate and fresh egg white Water Bio-directed synthesis [57]
10. Cerium nitrate hexahydrate and Hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract Water Green synthesis [62]
11. Cerium nitrate hexahydrate and agarose Water Bio-organic polymer-based synthesis [64]
12. Cerium nitrate hexahydrate and Olea europaea leaf extract  Water Green synthesis [61]
13. Cerium nitrate solution, pectin and ammonia solution Water Bio polymer mediated synthesis [68]