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Fig. 4 | Journal of Nanobiotechnology

Fig. 4

From: Exosome-mimetic nanoplatforms for targeted cancer drug delivery

Fig. 4

Comparison of natural exosomes and EMNs morphology and miR145 association. a Schematic representation of the composition and morphology of natural exosomes (upper) and functionalized miR145-loaded EMNs (lower). b Cryo-TEM images of natural exosomes loaded with miR145 (upper) and F-EMNs + miR145 (lower). Scale bar represents 100 nm. c Confocal images of miR145 delivery by natural exosomes (upper) and F-EMNs (lower) in A549 cells. Blue channel: nuclei (Hoechst); red channel: microRNA145 (Cy5). Scale bars represent 25 µm

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