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Fig. 1

From: Programmable multi-DNA release from multilayered polyelectrolytes using gigahertz nano-electromechanical resonator

Fig. 1

Release system based on nano-electromechanical resonator and theoretical simulation. a Schematic of release system. Multilayered films composed of [PAH/DNA]6 were deposited on glass surface through LbL technique. Micro-vortexes triggered by the nano-electromechanical hypersonic resonator generate controlled shear forces on adsorbed molecules, disassemble the multilayered films, and thus release embedded DNA strands. b Top view of the resonator under microscope. ce 3D FEM analysis of acoustic streaming and resulted shear force. c Micro-vortexes formed under the stimulation of a hypersonic resonator at 1.56 GHz. Color bar indicates the distribution of fluid velocity and arrows describe flow direction. d Shear stress distribution along x-direction on the plane 200 μm away from resonator surface. e Composited shear stress distribution on x–y plane 200 μm away from resonator surface

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