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Fig. 7

From: pH and redox dual-responsive nanoparticles based on disulfide-containing poly(β-amino ester) for combining chemotherapy and COX-2 inhibitor to overcome drug resistance in breast cancer

Fig. 7

Antitumor efficacy of HPPDC nanoparticles in MCF-7/ADR tumor-bearing mice. a Picture of the tumors removed from the mice with treatments of normal saline (the control), free CXB, free DOX, HPPD nanoparticles, DOX/CXB mixture, PPDC nanocores, and HPPDC nanoparticles. b Tumor growth curves of the mice with various treatments. c Body weight changes in the mice with various treatments. d H&E stained microscopical images of the major organs and tumors removed from the mice after various treatments. ** indicates P < 0.01 compared to the control; # indicates P < 0.05 for comparison between two treatment groups

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