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Fig. 8

From: pH and redox dual-responsive nanoparticles based on disulfide-containing poly(β-amino ester) for combining chemotherapy and COX-2 inhibitor to overcome drug resistance in breast cancer

Fig. 8

Synergistic mechanisms of HPPDC nanoparticles for overcoming drug resistance in MCF-7/ADR tumor-bearing mice. a Microscopical images of TUNEL-stained tumor sections from the mice with treatments of free DOX, free CXB, HPPD nanoparticles, PPDC nanocores, and HPPDC nanoparticles. Relative mRNA expressions of MDR1 (b) and COX-2 genes (c) in tumor tissues detected by the qPCR. GAPDH was used as an internal control. d Western blotting analyses of COX-2 and P-gp expressions in tumor tissues. e Quantitative comparisons of COX-2 and P-gp protein expressions in different treatment groups. * indicate P < 0.05 compared to the control; # indicates P < 0.05 for comparison between two treatment groups

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