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Fig. 3

From: Cerium oxide nanoparticles improve liver regeneration after acetaminophen-induced liver injury and partial hepatectomy in rats

Fig. 3

CeO2NPs treatment reduces histological damage and increases cell proliferation after APAP-induced injury. a Hematoxylin-eosin stained liver sections (n = 13). After vehicle or CeO2NPs treatments, rats received 1 g/kg APAP and were sacrificed after 48 h (vehicle + APAP and CeO2NPs + APAP, respectively). Another group was treated with 300 mg/kg NAC 1 h after APAP (NAC + APAP). Also, healthy non-treated rats were included as experimental controls (upper left panel), ×100. b Quantification of HNE in liver from vehicle + APAP, NAC + APAP and CeO2NPs + APAP groups (n = 13; mean ± SEM; *p < 0.05). c Immunostaining for Ki-67 in liver of rats treated with vehicle + APAP, NAC + APAP and CeO2NPs + APAP. Ki-67 (green) and DAPI (blue), ×200. On the right, quantification of Ki-67 positive cells (n = 13; mean ± SEM; *p < 0.05)

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