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Fig. 4

From: Core–shell polymeric nanoparticles co-loaded with photosensitizer and organic dye for photodynamic therapy guided by fluorescence imaging in near and short-wave infrared spectral regions

Fig. 4

Evaluation of singlet oxygen production by the NF. a phosphorescence decays of singlet oxygen (at 1270 nm) sensitized by NF with HPPH only and HPPH/JB7-08 NF. Two concentration of NPs_D2 was used for preparation of each NF. b ABDA bleaching as a measure of the singlet oxygen generation by ABDA in water, and in suspensions of HPPH, HPPH/JB7-08 and HPPH/JB17-08 NFPPH loaded to NPs and NF

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