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Fig. 6

From: Gold nanoparticle based double-labeling of melanoma extracellular vesicles to determine the specificity of uptake by cells and preferential accumulation in small metastatic lung tumors

Fig. 6

Tracking double labeled B16F10-EV accumulation in metastasis. a Experimental design: C57BL/6 mice were injected with 2 × 105 of B16F10 cells to produce lung metastasis and then injected with either DiR-labeled EV (EV), DiR-labeled EV-AuNP (EV-AuNP) or AuNP-PEG-FA (AuNPs). b Fluorescence and c CT imaging of mice 24 h after injection. d Fluorescence imaging of organs and e intensity in pW per mm2. Gold quantification of tumor nodules and organs expressed as f total gold content (μg) and g μg/g of tissue. h Percentage of total EV-AuNP detected by fluorescence and gold quantification. i Determination of tumor mass present in lungs from C57BL/6 mice after injection of AuNP, EV or EV-AuNP. Data are means ± SEM from n ≥ 3 mice per condition. ***P < 0.001; **P < 0.01; *P < 0.05

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