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Fig. 1

From: Development of elastin-like polypeptide for targeted specific gene delivery in vivo

Fig. 1

Characterization of ELP variants. a Schematic representation of the amino acid sequences of the designed variants (E28, Tat-E28, Tat-A1E28, and Tat-A4V48). The positively charge amino acids present in ELPs induced complexation with negatively charged nucleic acids to form nanoparticle like structures. b Turbidity profiles of ELPs determined by measuring O.D. values at 350 nm while increasing temperature at 1 °C/min. Cell binding activities of the ELPs (0.3125 µM) were measured by flow cytometry after incubating MDA MB231 (c) or 4T1 (d) cells with the respective polypeptides labeled with Alexa-488 at 4 °C. Results are presented as means ± SDs (n = 6). ***P < 0.0001 (Student’s t-test), significant difference for Tat-A1E28, and Tat-A4V48 compared with E28

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