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Fig. 6

From: Size-isolation of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles improves MRI, MPI and hyperthermia performance

Fig. 6

Magnetic fluid hyperthermia using size-isolated SPION. a Time–temperature curves obtained upon exposing the crude, C1–C5, Resovist® and Sinerem® samples to an alternating magnetic field (AMF). The frequency and amplitude of the AMF were 186 kHz and 46 kA m−1, respectively. The iron concentration was 9 mM for all samples. A Box-Lucas curve was fitted to each data set. b Difference between initial and maximum temperatures after 30 min of field exposure (ΔTrise). c Specific absorption rate values (SAR; calculated on the basis of Additional file 1: Equations S5, S9). Values represent average ± standard deviation of three separate experiments

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