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Fig. 6

From: Carbon nanoparticles enhance potassium uptake via upregulating potassium channel expression and imitating biological ion channels in BY-2 cells

Fig. 6

Effects of CNPs and inhibitor treatments on net K+ fluxes in BY-2 cells. a K+ fluxes were determined with after different CNPs treatments lasting for 900 s measurements. b Schematic diagram of test sample. c Mean value of K+ fluxes at different concentration of CNPs in cells. Group 1: 62.50 μg/mL CNPs, Group 2: 125.00 μg/mL CNPs, Group 3: 125.00 μg/mL CNPs + 10 mM TEA+. The mean value of each group contains six individual cell, and error bars represent SE, n = 6. Asterisk (*) indicates significant difference compared with control group (p < 0.05)

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