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Fig. 3

From: Local delivery of minocycline-loaded PLGA nanoparticles from gelatin-coated neural implants attenuates acute brain tissue responses in mice

Fig. 3

Quantitative analysis of the brain tissue responses at 3 and 7 days post implantation. Graphs with activated microglia (CD68) (a, b), CX3CR1-GFP positive microglia (GFP) (c, d) and the astrocytic response (GFAP) (e, f) are presented as the fluorescent area fraction whereas neuronal cells (NeuN) (g, h) and all cell nuclei (DAPI) (i, j) are presented as number of stained cells divided by ROI area. All graphs show the quantification of the inner (0–50 μm) and outer (50–100 μm) ROI. Boxes represent the first and third quartile with median values indicated as horizontal lines within each box and the whiskers show the minimum and maximum values. The horizontal brackets indicate statistically significant differences, p-values are labeled as **(< 0.01) or *(< 0.05)

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