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Table 4 Susceptibility of P. aeruginosa colonies beneath mucin, alginate, or alginate and mucin barriers, determined by disk diffusion

From: Antibacterial activity of iron oxide, iron nitride, and tobramycin conjugated nanoparticles against Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms

Disk no./compoundMucinAlginateAlginate + Mucin
1. Fe3O4 NPs† 10 μg14/I0/R22/S
2. Fe3O4@ALG:TOBRA 10 μg0/R0/R0/R
3. Tobramycin 10 μg0/R0/R0/R
4. Tobramycin 100 μg**11/R**14/R**5/R**
5. Tobramycin 200 mg**30/R**35/R**30/R**
  1. Disk diffusion method was used. Minimum concentrations demonstrating susceptibility in previous disk diffusion studies were used for NPs and NP-tobramycin conjugates. Uncapped NPs, ALG: alginate, TOBRA: tobramycin
  2. * Maximum CLSI cutoff concentration for susceptibility of tobramycin 10 μg absorbed onto disk
  3. ** Corresponding to experimentally determined susceptibility, these doses of tobramycin shown were up to five orders of magnitude higher than the CLSI standard dose for disk diffusion. Therefore, although inhibition was observed, these colonies were tobramycin resistant by CLSI standard