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Table 1 Current metal and metal oxide nanozymes, their typical applications and representative references

From: Multienzymes activity of metals and metal oxide nanomaterials: applications from biotechnology to medicine and environmental engineering

Enzyme Nanomaterial Application References
Peroxidase HccFn(Co3O4) Sensing [37]
Peroxidase Co2(OH)2CO3-CeO2 Sensing [43]
Peroxidase Iron oxide Sensing [45]
Peroxidase PtPd Sensing [49]
Oxidase Ag-CoFe2O4/rGO Sensing [55]
Peroxidase CuO/ Pt Sensing [56]
Peroxidase (rGO)-PdAu Sensing [60]
Peroxidase Au Sensing [61]
GSH-oxidase and peroxidase CuO Sensing [65]
Peroxidase Au@Pt Sensing [70]
Peroxidase GO–AuNP Sensing [71]
Peroxidase Cu2O/rGO Sensing [74]
Oxidase CoOOH Sensing [77]
Peroxidase FeMnO3 Sensing [80]
Peroxidase CuFe2O4/Cu9S8/PPy Sensing [81]
Peroxidase CuO Sensing [85]
Peroxidase Fe3O4 NPs/rGO/MoS2 Sensing [86]
Peroxidase CuO/WO3-GO Sensing [91]
Peroxidase Pt–Pd Sensing [97]
GSH-oxidase and peroxidase MnO2 Therapeutics [110]
Peroxidase FcPW Therapeutics [114]
Peroxidase Copper peroxide Therapeutics [116]
Peroxidase SnFe2O4 Therapeutics [118]
Peroxidase Fe3O4@MSN Therapeutics [122]
Catalase MnFe2O4 Therapeutics [130]
Catalase MnO2 Therapeutics [132, 133]
Catalase Pt Therapeutics [134]
Catalase and oxidase MoO3 − x Therapeutics [136]
Peroxidase and oxidase Au@HCNs Therapeutics [144]
Catalase and superoxide dismutase NCeO2-PEI-MoS2 Therapeutics [145]
Catalase Pt-CuS Therapeutics [151]
Peroxidase and oxidase GQD/AgNP Antibacterial [159]
Oxidase, peroxidase and catalase Pt/Ag Antibacterial [160]
Oxidase and peroxidase MSN-Au Antibacterial [164]
Peroxidase CuO Antibacterial [167]
Oxidase and peroxidase Pd Antibacterial [170]
Peroxidase Fe3O4 Water purification [182, 185, 188]
Peroxidase Fe2O3 Water purification [183]
Peroxidase CuFe2O4 Water purification [184]
Peroxidase Fe2.79Nb0.19O4 Water purification [187]