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Table 4 HM-CDs in bioimaging

From: Herbal medicine derived carbon dots: synthesis and applications in therapeutics, bioimaging and sensing

Herbal medicine Organisms Fluorescence color Refs
Honey HepG2/HeLa cells Green [43]
Lycii Fructus HeLa cell Blue/Glaucous/Green [148]
Lemon juice Onion epidermal cell Blue-green [155]
Ginkgo fruits HeLa/KYSE410 cells Blue/Green [81]
Lychee seeds HepG2 cell Blue [96]
Watermelon peel HeLa cell Green [33]
Ginger MCF-10A/A549/MDA-MB-231/HeLa/HepG2 cells Blue/Green/Red [28]
Panax notoginseng E. coli, B. cereus, S. cerevisiae/onion epidermal cells/leaf of N. physaloides/BALB/c mice Blue/Green/Red [38]
Osmanthus fragrans T24 cell Blue [152]
Osmanthus fragrans A549 cell Blue [150]
Mulberry silkworm cocoon Zebrafish/embryos Blue/Green/Red [45]
Hair Zebrafish/embryos Blue/Green/Red [42]
Coix seed Furazolidone Blue/Green [82]
Smilax China PC12 cell Blue/Yellow/Red [147]
Papaya HeLa cell Blue/Green [78]
Purple perilla HeLa cell Blue [142]