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Table 4 Summary of the application of modified MPs in cancer therapy

From: Microparticles: biogenesis, characteristics and intervention therapy for cancers in preclinical and clinical research

Modified MPs Original cells Therapeutic agent and incorporation method Metallic materials and incorporation method Stress Isolation method Cancer type Image Refs.
Chemo@UT-MPs Tumor cell MTX /Cisplatin/DOX (incubation) / UV Centrifugation HCC, melanoma ovarian cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer / [84, 85, 130]
YM-155@ DOX@UT-MPs Tumor cell DOX and YM-155 (incubation) / UV Centrifugation Osteosarcoma / [134]
CCION/m-THPC@M-MPs Macrophage m-THPC (incubation) Citrate-coated iron oxide nanoparticles (incubation) Starvation Magnetic sorting Cervical cancer MRI [145]
QDs@VEGF siRNA@E-MPs Endothelial cell VEGF-siRNA (electroporation) DSPE-PEG-biotin
SA-QDs (incubation)
Starvation Centrifugation Melanoma NIR [142]
DOX@AS1411@E-MPs Endothelial cell DOX and AS1411-CHO (incubation) / Starvation Centrifugation HCC / [37]
Met@Man@UM-MPs Macrophage DSPE-PEG-Man and metformin (incubation) / UV Centrifugation HCC and breast cancer / [158]
OVs@UT-MPs Tumor cells Oncolytic adenovirus (infection) / UV Centrifugation Lung cancer, rectal cancer and ovarian cancer / [119]
Survivin siRNA@QDs@CMPs Circulating MPs Survivin siRNA (electroporation) Ag2Se@Mn QDs/ electroporation No treatment Centrifugation Oral cancer MRI/NIR [79]
DOX@FA/IONP@M-MPs Macrophage DOX (electroporation) and DSPE-PEG-FA (incubation) DSPE-PEG-Biotin and SA-IONPs (incubation) Starvation Magnetic sorting Cervical cancer / [153]
Bcl-2 siRNA/Taxol@FA/biotin@T-MPs Tumor cell Bcl-2 siRNA and Taxol (electroporation)
DSPE-PEG-FA (incubation)
DSPE-PEG-Biotin and SA-QDs (CdSe/ZnS) (incubation) Starvation Centrifugation Breast cancer NIR [155]
Chemo@UTT-MPs TRCs DOX or 5-FU (incubation) / UV Centrifugation HCC and melanoma / [38]
CpG@Fe3O4@UT-MPs Tumor cell CpG@Lipo (incubation) Nano-Fe3O4 (incubation) UV Centrifugation Melanoma / [148]
TK-NTR@T-MPs Tumor cell TK-NTR plasmid (transfection) / Starvation Centrifugation Breast cancer / [99]
Bi2Se3/DOX@UT-MPs Tumor cell DOX (electroporation) Bi2Se3 (electroporation) UV Centrifugation HCC CT/PA [138]