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Figure 2

From: Truncated forms of viral VP2 proteins fused to EGFP assemble into fluorescent parvovirus-like particles

Figure 2

Immunoblot analyses of the recombinant proteins. Baculovirus infected Sf 9 cells (A and B) expressing the fusion proteins EGFP-VP2, EGFP-VP2-14, EGFP-VP2-23 and EGFP-VP2-40, as well as the non-fused proteins VP2, VP2-14, VP2-23, and VP2-40. Sucrose gradient purified proteins are shown in C and D. Proteins were detected with anti-VP2 (A and C) and anti-GFP (B and D) antibodies. Arrows indicate the recombinant proteins of interest and the molecular weight markers (MW) are in kilodaltons (kDa; shown on the left).

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