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  1. Rare earth nanomaterials (RE NMs), which are based on rare earth elements, have emerged as remarkable biomaterials for use in bone regeneration. The effects of RE NMs on osteogenesis, such as promoting the ost...

    Authors: Ziwei Chen, Xiaohe Zhou, Minhua Mo, Xiaowen Hu, Jia Liu and Liangjiao Chen
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:185
  2. Despite the advent of numerous targeted therapies in clinical practice, anthracyclines, including doxorubicin (DOX), continue to play a pivotal role in breast cancer (BC) treatment. DOX directly disrupts DNA r...

    Authors: Marta Sevieri, Francesco Andreata, Francesco Mainini, Lorena Signati, Francesca Piccotti, Marta Truffi, Arianna Bonizzi, Leopoldo Sitia, Claudia Pigliacelli, Carlo Morasso, Barbara Tagliaferri, Fabio Corsi and Serena Mazzucchelli
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:184
  3. The use of cells as carriers for the delivery of nanoparticles is a promising approach in anticancer therapy, mainly due to their natural properties, such as biocompatibility and non-immunogenicity. Cellular c...

    Authors: Anna Wróblewska, Bożena Szermer-Olearnik, Agnieszka Szczygieł, Katarzyna Węgierek-Ciura, Jagoda Mierzejewska, Dawid Kozień, Paulina Żeliszewska, Roksana Kruszakin, Paweł Migdał, Zbigniew Pędzich and Elżbieta Pajtasz-Piasecka
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:183
  4. Hydrogels are a class of highly absorbent and easily modified polymer materials suitable for use as slow-release carriers for drugs. Gene therapy is highly specific and can overcome the limitations of traditio...

    Authors: Chunyu Su, Dini Lin, Xinyu Huang, Jiayin Feng, Anqi Jin, Fangyan Wang, Qizhuang Lv, Lanjie Lei and Wenjie Pan
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:182
  5. Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease induced by the complex interactions between the host immune system and the microbiota of dental plaque. Oxidative stress and the inflammatory microenvironment resulting...

    Authors: Jinhong Chen, Aihua Luo, Mengmeng Xu, Yao Zhang, Zheng Wang, Shuang Yu, Li Zhu, Wei Wu and Deqin Yang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:181
  6. To address the limitations of traditional photothermal therapy (PTT)/ photodynamic therapy (PDT) and real-time cancer metastasis detection, a pH-responsive nanoplatform (NP) with dual-modality imaging capabili...

    Authors: Mujie Yuan, Zeyu Han, Yan Li, Xin Zhan, Yong Sun, Bin He, Yan Liang, Kui Luo and Fan Li
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:180
  7. We report on the fabrication of mesoporous silicon dioxide coated Haliclona sp. spicules (mSHS) to enhance the delivery of the insoluble photosensitizer protoporphyrin IX (PpIX) into deep skin layers and mediate ...

    Authors: Xuejiao Liang, Jialiang Zhang, Chi Zhang, Haojie Zhai, Ping Yang and Ming Chen
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:179
  8. Clearance of apoptotic cells by efferocytosis is crucial for prevention of atherosclerosis progress, and impaired efferocytosis contributes to the aggravated atherosclerosis.

    Authors: Shuo Qiu, Jiahan Liu, Jianmei Chen, Yangni Li, Te Bu, Zhelong Li, Liang Zhang, Wenqi Sun, Tian Zhou, Wei Hu, Guodong Yang, Lijun Yuan, Yunyou Duan and Changyang Xing
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:178
  9. The current first-line treatment for repairing cartilage defects in clinical practice is the creation of microfractures (MF) to stimulate the release of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs); however, this method has ...

    Authors: Zhian Chen, Tianhua Zhou, Huan Luo, Zhen Wang, Qiang Wang, Rongmao Shi, Zian Li, Rongqing Pang and Hongbo Tan
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:177
  10. Cancer stem cells (CSCs) represent both a key driving force and therapeutic target of tumoral carcinogenesis, tumor evolution, progression, and recurrence. CSC-guided tumor diagnosis, treatment, and surveillan...

    Authors: Si Sun, Qiang Yang, Dawei Jiang and Yuan Zhang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:176
  11. Nonviral delivery of the CRISPR/Cas9 system provides great benefits for in vivo gene therapy due to the low risk of side effects. However, in vivo gene editing by delivering the Cas9 ribonucleoprotein (RNP) is...

    Authors: San Hae Im, Mincheol Jang, Ji-Ho Park and Hyun Jung Chung
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:175
  12. Photothermal therapy is favored by cancer researchers due to its advantages such as controllable initiation, direct killing and immune promotion. However, the low enrichment efficiency of photosensitizer in tu...

    Authors: Zhou Lan, Wei-Jia Liu, Wu-Wei Yin, Sheng-Ren Yang, Hao Cui, Ke-Long Zou, Guo-Wang Cheng, Hao Chen, Yan-Hua Han, Lang Rao, Rui Tian, Ling-Ling Li, Yu-Yue Zhao and Guang-Tao Yu
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:174
  13. Depression is a mood disorder mainly clinically characterized by significant and persistent low spirits. Chronic stress is the leading cause of depression. However, traditional medicine has severe side effects...

    Authors: Ruiyuan Liu, Tianlu Zhang, Chaobo Bai, Jing Chen, Xin Zhang, Guiying Liu, Songjie Shen, Junliang Yuan and Zhiguo Lu
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:173
  14. Early-onset bone dysplasia is a common manifestation of hypophosphatasia (HPP), an autosomal inherited disease caused by ALPL mutation. ALPL ablation induces prototypical premature bone ageing characteristics,...

    Authors: Jiayi Dong, Wanmin Zhao, Jiangdong Zhao, Ji Chen, Ping Liu, Xueni Zheng, Dehua Li, Yang Xue and Hongzhi Zhou
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:172
  15. Salivary extracellular vesicles (EVs) have emerged as key tools for non-invasive diagnostics, playing a crucial role in the early detection and monitoring of diseases. These EVs surpass whole saliva in biomark...

    Authors: Li Cui, Jiarong Zheng, Ye Lu, Pei Lin, Yunfan Lin, Yucheng Zheng, Rongwei Xu, Zizhao Mai, Bing Guo and Xinyuan Zhao
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:171
  16. Neurodegenerative diseases (NDDs) such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis epitomize a class of insidious and relentless neurological conditions that are difficult to...

    Authors: Xixi Liu, Lu Shen, Meidan Wan, Hui Xie and Zhenxing Wang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:170
  17. Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) and AXL tyrosine kinase receptor are known to be involved in the SARS-CoV-2 entry of the host cell. Therefore, targeting ACE2 and AXL should be an effective strategy to i...

    Authors: Jia-You Fang, Kuo-Yen Huang, Tong-Hong Wang, Zih-Chan Lin, Chin-Chuan Chen, Sui-Yuan Chang, En-Li Chen, Tai-Ling Chao, Shuenn-Chen Yang, Pan-Chyr Yang and Chi-Yuan Chen
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:169
  18. Oral cancer is the most common malignant tumor of the head and neck, and 90% of cases are oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). Chemotherapy is an important component of comprehensive treatment for OSCC. Howeve...

    Authors: Lin Yang, Hongjiao Li, Aihua Luo, Yao Zhang, Hong Chen, Li Zhu and Deqin Yang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:168
  19. Sonodynamic therapy (SDT) has shown promise as a non-invasive cancer treatment due to its local effects and excellent tissue penetration. However, the limited accumulation of sonosensitizers at the tumor site ...

    Authors: Meng Du, Ting Wang, Wangrui Peng, Renjie Feng, MeeiChyn Goh and Zhiyi Chen
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:167
  20. Treatment for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is challenging since current anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive therapies do not address the underlying causes of the illness, which include increased levels...

    Authors: Fan Yang, Yuting Su, Chi Yan, Tianfeng Chen and Peter Chi Keung Cheung
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:166
  21. As a common musculoskeletal disorder, frozen shoulder is characterized by thickened joint capsule and limited range of motion, affecting 2–5% of the general population and more than 20% of patients with diabet...

    Authors: Zhen Peng, Beijie Qi, Zhiwen Luo, Yaying Sun, Xingyu Zhang, Jinrong Lin, Jinhui Pang, Peng Zhang, Zhihu Zhao, Xianwen Wang and Jiwu Chen
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:165
  22. Plasma proteins are considered the most informative source of biomarkers for disease diagnosis and monitoring. Mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics has been applied to identify biomarkers in plasma, but the...

    Authors: Nan Li, Jingnan Huang, Shangwen He, Qiaocong Zheng, Feng Ye, Zhengxing Qin, Dong Wang, Ting Xiao, Mengyuan Mao, Zhenhua Zhou, Tingxi Tang, Longshan Zhang, Xiaoqing Wang, Yingqiao Wang, Ying Lyu, Laiyu Liu…
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:164
  23. Photothermal immunotherapy is regarded as the ideal cancer therapeutic modality to against malignant solid tumors; however, its therapeutic benefits are often modest and require improvement. In this study, a t...

    Authors: Pengfei Chen, Chi Zhang, Liuliang He, Mingfei Li, Jie Rong, Pengfei Sun, Yingying Chen and Daifeng Li
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:163
  24. To overcome the problems of commercial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents (CAs) (i.e., small molecule Gd chelates), we have proposed a new concept of Gd macrochelates based on the coordination of Gd

    Authors: Meng Shi, Wei Xiong, Jie Feng, Lihe Wu, Jing Yang, Yudie Lu, Xuanyi Lu, Qingdeng Fan, Hemin Nie, Yunlu Dai, Chenggong Yan, Ye Tian and Zheyu Shen
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:162
  25. Antibiotic resistance has garnered significant attention due to the scarcity of new antibiotics in development. Protoporphyrin IX (PpIX)-mediated photodynamic therapy shows promise as a novel antibacterial str...

    Authors: Ying Piao, Sebastian Himbert, Zifan Li, Jun Liu, Zhihao Zhao, Huahai Yu, Shuangshuang Liu, Shiqun Shao, Michael Fefer, Maikel C. Rheinstädter and Youqing Shen
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:161
  26. Dry eye disease (DED) is associated with ocular hyperosmolarity and inflammation. The marketed topical eye drops for DED treatment often lack bioavailability and precorneal residence time. In this study, we in...

    Authors: Hoang Linh Bui, Yun-Han Su, Chia-Jung Yang, Chun-Jen Huang and Jui-Yang Lai
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:160
  27. Brain metastasis (BM) is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). However, limited treatments are available due to the presence of the bl...

    Authors: Jun Jiang, Yuan Lu, Jie Chu, Xiao Zhang, Chao Xu, Shaojie Liu, Zhuo Wan, Jiawei Wang, Lu Zhang, Kui Liu, Zhenhua Liu, Angang Yang, Xinling Ren and Rui Zhang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:159
  28. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common degenerative joint disease that can cause severe pain, motor dysfunction, and even disability. A growing body of research indicates that gut microbiota and their associated meta...

    Authors: Zihan Deng, Chuan Yang, Tingwen Xiang, Ce Dou, Dong Sun, Qijie Dai, Zhiguo Ling, Jianzhong Xu, Fei Luo and Yueqi Chen
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:157
  29. Immunotherapy has revolutionized the treatment of cancer. However, its efficacy remains to be optimized. There are at least two major challenges in effectively eradicating cancer cells by immunotherapy. Firstl...

    Authors: Suke Deng, Jiacheng Wang, Yan Hu, Yajie Sun, Xiao Yang, Bin Zhang, Yue Deng, Wenwen Wei, Zhanjie Zhang, Lu Wen, You Qin, Fang Huang, Yuhan Sheng, Chao Wan and Kunyu Yang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:156
  30. The combination of immune checkpoint inhibitors and immunogenic cell death (ICD) inducers has become a promising strategy for the treatment of various cancers. However, its efficacy remains unmet because of th...

    Authors: Wenqi Shen, Yecheng Li, Ziyi Yang, Wenjing Li, Yi Cao, Yilin Liu, Zheng Wang, Renjun Pei and Chungen Xing
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:154
  31. Osteoporosis is characterized by an imbalance in bone homeostasis, resulting in the excessive dissolution of bone minerals due to the acidified microenvironment mediated by overactive osteoclasts. Oroxylin A (...

    Authors: Biao Yu, Qianmin Gao, Shihao Sheng, Fengjin Zhou, Zhen Geng, Yan Wei, Hao Zhang, Yan Hu, Sicheng Wang, Jianping Huang, Mengmeng Li and Jiacan Su
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:153
  32. Infected wound healing remains a challenging task in clinical practice due to several factors: (I) drug-resistant infections caused by various pathogens, (II) persistent inflammation that hinders tissue regene...

    Authors: Zichao Jiang, Jingyi Li, Jiahao Wang, Yixiao Pan, Shuailong Liang, Yihe Hu and Long Wang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:152
  33. As the lethal bone tumor, osteosarcoma often frequently occurs in children and adolescents with locally destructive and high metastasis. Distinctive kinds of nanoplatform with high therapeutical effect and pre...

    Authors: Mo Cheng, Qingjie Kong, Qing Tian, Weiluo Cai, Chunmeng Wang, Minjia Yuan, Wenxing Wang, Peiyuan Wang and Wangjun Yan
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:151
  34. Dental pulp regeneration is a promising strategy for addressing tooth disorders. Incorporating this strategy involves the fundamental challenge of establishing functional vascular networks using dental pulp st...

    Authors: Xiaoling Wei, Huaxing Xu, Mengqi Zhou, Qiangqiang Zhou, Mingqiang Li and Yuehua Liu
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:150
  35. Myocardial infarction (MI), a representative form of ischemic heart disease, remains a huge burden worldwide. This study aimed to explore whether extracellular vesicles (EVs) secreted from hyaluronic acid (HA)...

    Authors: Seon-Yeong Jeong, Bong-Woo Park, Jimin Kim, Seulki Lee, Haedeun You, Joohyun Lee, Susie Lee, Jae-Hyun Park, Jinju Kim, Woosup Sim, Kiwon Ban, Joonghoon Park, Hun-Jun Park and Soo Kim
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:149
  36. Kaempferol (KA), an natural antioxidant of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), is extensively used as the primary treatment for inflammatory digestive diseases with impaired redox homeostasis. Severe acute pan...

    Authors: E Wen, Yi Cao, Shiwen He, Yuezhou Zhang, Lanlan You, Tingqiu Wang, Zhigang Wang, Jun He and Yi Feng
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:148
  37. The challenges associated with activating ferroptosis for cancer therapy primarily arise from obstacles related to redox and iron homeostasis, which hinder the susceptibility of tumor cells to ferroptosis. How...

    Authors: Zhen Liao, E. Wen and Yi Feng
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:147
  38. Thrombotic diseases impose a significant global health burden, and conventional drug-based thrombolytic therapies are encumbered by the risk of bleeding complications. In this study, we introduce a novel drug-...

    Authors: Hui Wang, Cui Tang, Yuxia Xiang, Chan Zou, Jianming Hu, Guoping Yang and Wenhu Zhou
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:146
  39. Resistance to androgen receptor (AR) inhibitors, including enzalutamide (Enz), as well as bone metastasis, are major challenges for castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) treatment. In this study, we iden...

    Authors: Yuanyuan Wang, Jiyuan Chen, Luyao Gong, Yunxia Wang, Aino Siltari, Yan-Ru Lou, Teemu J. Murtola, Shen Gao and Yuan Gao
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:145
  40. Improving the efficiency of antiseizure medication entering the brain is the key to reducing its peripheral toxicity. A combination of intranasal administration and nanomedicine presents a practical approach f...

    Authors: Jingxin Zhang, Huali Zuo, Yanlu Fu, Yina Cao, Qiwei Li, Qi Zhang, Yuyi Zheng, Yi Wang, Di Wu, Weiyu Chen and Jiajia Fang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:144
  41. Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) is the current standard treatment for early-stage esophageal neoplasms. However, the postoperative esophageal stricture after extensive mucosal dissection remains a sever...

    Authors: Huasheng Lai, Hon-Chi Yip, Yu Gong, Kai-Fung Chan, Kevin Kai-Chung Leung, Melissa Shannon Chan, Xianfeng Xia and Philip Wai-Yan Chiu
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:143
  42. Seesaw circuits are essential for molecular computing and biosensing. However, a notable limitation of seesaw circuits lies in the irreversible depletion of components, precluding the attainment of system reco...

    Authors: Yuheng Liao, Yizhou Liu, Huan Liu, Xiao Liu, Longjie Li and Xianjin Xiao
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:142
  43. Osteosarcoma (OS) is an aggressive bone tumor with strong invasiveness, rapid metastasis, and dreadful mortality. Chemotherapy is a commonly used approach for OS treatment but is limited by the development of ...

    Authors: Meirong Li, Minghua Wang, Junfeng Huang, Shiqi Tang, Jingyu Yang, Zhourui Xu, Gaixia Xu, Xin Chen, Jia Liu and Chengbin Yang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:141
  44. Herbal nanoparticles are made from natural herbs/medicinal plants, their extracts, or a combination with other nanoparticle carriers. Compared to traditional herbs, herbal nanoparticles lead to improved bioava...

    Authors: Sinan Ai, Yake Li, Huijuan Zheng, Meiling Zhang, Jiayin Tao, Weijing Liu, Liang Peng, Zhen Wang and Yaoxian Wang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:140
  45. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disorder with complex pathogenesis and effective clinical treatment strategies for this disease remain elusive. Interestingly, nanomedicines are under extensive ...

    Authors: Viswanathan Karthika, Badrinathan Sridharan, Ji Won Nam, Daehun Kim and Hae Gyun Lim
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:139
  46. Multidrug-resistant (MDR) Acinetobacter baumannii (A. baumannii) is a formidable pathogen responsible for severe intracranial infections post-craniotomy, exhibiting a mortality rate as high as 71%. Tigecycline (T...

    Authors: Xing Lan, Shugang Qin, Huan Liu, Mengran Guo, Yupei Zhang, Xinyang Jin, Xing Duan, Min Sun, Zhenjun Liu, Wenyan Wang, Qian Zheng, Xuelian Liao, Jinpeng Chen, Yan Kang, Yongmei Xie and Xiangrong Song
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:138
  47. Pulmonary fibrosis (PF) threatens millions of people worldwide with its irreversible progression. Although the underlying pathogenesis of PF is not fully understood, there is evidence to suggest that the disea...

    Authors: Meiling Zheng, Wei Zhu, Fei Gao, Yu Zhuo, Mo Zheng, Guanghao Wu and Cuiling Feng
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:136
  48. The deployment of imaging examinations has evolved into a robust approach for the diagnosis of lymph node metastasis (LNM). The advancement of technology, coupled with the introduction of innovative imaging dr...

    Authors: Ze-Min Cai, Zi-Zhan Li, Nian-Nian Zhong, Lei-Ming Cao, Yao Xiao, Jia-Qi Li, Fang-Yi Huo, Bing Liu, Chun Xu, Yi Zhao, Lang Rao and Lin-Lin Bu
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2024 22:135

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