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Figure 5 | Journal of Nanobiotechnology

Figure 5

From: C60-Fullerenes: detection of intracellular photoluminescence and lack of cytotoxic effects

Figure 5

Water soluble toluene nano C60 also does not block cell proliferation. Absorption spectra (A) and particle sizes (B) of water soluble nano C60 from toluene are consistent with those reported in literature. The peak absorption wavelengths are indicated by arrows in A and the average particle size of the water soluble C60 is 122 nm. MDA MB 231 (C) and HepG2 (D) cells were cultured with 2.7 μg (dotted line) or 27.4 μg (dashed line) of water soluble toluene nano C60 or were untreated (solid line) and cell proliferation was assayed by crystal violet staining method.

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