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Figure 6

From: Cationic nanoparticles for delivery of amphotericin B: preparation, characterization and activity in vitro

Figure 6

Amphotericin B aggregates covered by a layer of cationic lipid adsorb a layer of carboxymethyl cellulose. Effect of CMC concentration on zeta-average diameter (A, C) and zeta-potential (B, D) of DODAB BF (A, B) or AmB/DODAB BF (C, D) at high P. Final DODAB and/or AmB concentrations were 0.1 and 0.05 mM, respectively. The three different moieties of the curves were named I, II and III corresponding to positive, zero and negative zeta-potentials, respectively. Interactions DODAB BF/CMC or AmB/DODAB BF/CMC took place over 20 minutes before measurements. One should notice that, at high P, [DODAB] concentration is 20 times smaller than at low P (Figure 1) surrounding drug aggregates as a thin layer of cationic lipid. 34

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