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Fig. 5

From: Synthesis of europium-doped VSOP, customized enhancer solution and improved microscopy fluorescence methodology for unambiguous histological detection

Fig. 5

Fluorescent signal of Eu-VSOP in cells. Eu-fluorescent signal was successfully detected at 615/20 nm in macrophages labeled with Eu-VSOP-7. Eu-fluorescence developed with customized HEE increased after 30 min, and remained similar after 60 min (E, F); while Eu-fluorescence obtained with DELFIA® enhancer was lower at 5 min, similar at 30 min, but significantly reduced after 60 min (AC). This is corroborated by semiquantitative analysis of Eu fluorescence intensity for 10 regions of interest (ROI) done with ImageJ (G). P < 0.001 two-way ANOVA. Scale bar: 100 µm

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