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Fig. 2

From: G2-S16 dendrimer microbicide does not interfere with the vaginal immune system

Fig. 2

Cytotoxicity associated to G2-S16 in dendritic cells and macrophages. a iDCs, b mDCs, c GM-MØs or d M-MØs were loaded with increased concentrations of G2-S16 (ranged from 1 to 50 µM) or treated with 20% of DMSO (control of cell death) for 48 h. The percent of cell viability was calculated by MTT as optical density of treated condition/non-treated control (NT) × 100. The 80% of viability was set as limit of toxicity. Data are represented as mean ± SD of three experiments performed in triplicate. DMSO: dymethyl sulfoxide; iDCs: immature dendritic cells; mDCs: mature dendritic cells; GM-MØs: pro-inflammatory or M1 macrophages; M-MØs: anti-inflammatory or M2 macrophages

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