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Fig. 8

From: G2-S16 dendrimer microbicide does not interfere with the vaginal immune system

Fig. 8

Quantification of gene expression on treated CD4-T cells by real time RT-qPCR. TLR1–10 mRNA expression was determined by RT-qPCR in CD4-T cells treated with G2-S16 (10 µM) for a 3 h, b 6 h and c 18 h. Insufficient detection of certain TLR mRNA expression levels by RT-PCR was not included here to simplify the representation. Data shows relative mRNA levels; analyzed gene was normalized to TATA box binding protein expression (TBP) and referred to non-treated cells. Individual values (dots) and mean (bar) of at least three independent experiments are shown. Dashed lines indicate threshold values

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