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Fig. 2

From: pH and redox dual-responsive nanoparticles based on disulfide-containing poly(β-amino ester) for combining chemotherapy and COX-2 inhibitor to overcome drug resistance in breast cancer

Fig. 2

Morphological characterization of HPPDC nanoparticles. TEM images of PPDC nanocores (a) and HPPDC nanoparticles (c). Size distributions of PPDC nanocores (b) and HPPDC nanoparticles (d). The weight ratio of ssPBAE/PLGA in PPDC nancores was 3/1 and the weight ratio of HA/PPDC nanocores in HPPDC nanoaprticles was 1/1. The loading contents of DOX and CXB were 3.92% and 7.98%, respectively

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