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Fig. 7

From: Core–shell polymeric nanoparticles co-loaded with photosensitizer and organic dye for photodynamic therapy guided by fluorescence imaging in near and short-wave infrared spectral regions

Fig. 7

Visualization of the photodynamic effect produced in vitro by HPPH/JB7-08 (a) and HPPH/JB17-08 (b) nanoformulations. HeLa cells were treated overnight with NF, rinsed and irradiated in confocal microscope by scanning with 640 nm laser. 24 h post-irradiation, cells were stained with PI and imaged in confocal microscope to visualize irradiated area with necrotic cells displaying PI fluorescence. Transmission images of pre- and post-irradiated cells (left and central columns) and fluorescence images of post-irradiated cells (right column) are shown

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