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Fig. 9

From: Mechanisms of chemotherapeutic resistance and the application of targeted nanoparticles for enhanced chemotherapy in colorectal cancer

Fig. 9

(Reproduced with permission from [174]. © 2020 by Na Chang et al.)

The composition of PLP-NPs with pH responsive PHis, ROS responsive thioketal and paclitaxel prodrugs can be targeted to treat multi-drug resistant CRC. a Size change ratio (SCR) and Lapa release level (LRL) of PLP-NPs after 8 h incubation at different pH conditions; b the curve of Lapa released from PLP-NPs at different pH conditions and that of PTX released from PLP-NPs at different concentrations of H2O2; c tumor weights and PTX levels in major tissues of HCT-8 tumor-bearing mice after 21 days of treatment in different groups. d Relative tumor volumes and survival rates of mice in different treatment groups

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