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Table 1 Nomenclatures and sequences of HSV type 1 and control oligonucleotides.

From: A signal amplification assay for HSV type 1 viral DNA detection using nanoparticles and direct acoustic profiling

Name DNA Sequence
VP16 Surface probe 5'-Biotin- CTC GTT GGC GCG CTG AAG CAG GTT TTT G-3'
VP16 Scrambled surface probe 5'-Biotin-ACC TGG GCA TGT ATG GTG TCG TCG CGT T-3'
VP16 Target sequence 5'-AAA ACT TCC GTA CCC CT CA A AA A CC T GC T TC A-3'
VP16 Detection probe 5'-GGG TAC GGA AGT TTT TCA CTC GAC - Biotin-3'