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Highlights from the acoustofluidic conference 2012 - a conference on particle and fluid manipulation with ultrasound
Journal of Nanobiotechnology
Collection published: 28 June 2013

Aims and scope

Journal of Nanobiotechnology is an open access peer-reviewed journal communicating scientific and technological advances in the fields of medicine and biology, with an emphasis in their interface with nanoscale sciences. The journal provides biomedical scientists and the international biotechnology business community with the latest developments in the growing field of Nanobiotechnology.

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Featured article: A retro-inverso cell-penetrating peptide for siRNA delivery

Large molecular weight siRNAs have potential to control gene expression, particularly in cancer. However, therapuetic approaches are hampered by their low permeability into cells. Vaissière and colleagues report the development of a new cell penetrating peptide that associates with siRNA in in a stable peptide-based nanoparticle and facilitiates entry into cells. Read more.