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Journal of Nanobiotechnology (JNB) Article of the Year Award

The Journal of Nanobiotechnology Article of the Year Award recognises an outstanding research publication in the journal, selected by the editors from amongst the most highly cited and downloaded research downloaded research published during the previous year.

Articles of the Year 2021

Zhao, Q., Sun, X., Wu, B. et al. Construction of homologous cancer cell membrane camouflage in a nano-drug delivery system for the treatment of lymphoma. J Nanobiotechnol 19, 8 (2021).

Bao, S., Hu, T., Liu, J. et al. Genomic instability-derived plasma extracellular vesicle-microRNA signature as a minimally invasive predictor of risk and unfavorable prognosis in breast cancer. J Nanobiotechnol 19, 22 (2021). 

Fang, H., Gai, Y., Wang, S. et al. Biomimetic oxygen delivery nanoparticles for enhancing photodynamic therapy in triple-negative breast cancer. J Nanobiotechnol 19, 81 (2021).

Hu, Y., Tao, R., Chen, L. et al. Exosomes derived from pioglitazone-pretreated MSCs accelerate diabetic wound healing through enhancing angiogenesis. J Nanobiotechnol 19, 150 (2021). 

Article of the Year 2020

Liang, G., Zhu, Y., Ali, D.J. et al. Engineered exosomes for targeted co-delivery of miR-21 inhibitor and chemotherapeutics to reverse drug resistance in colon cancer. J Nanobiotechnol 18, 10 (2020).

Article of the Year 2019

Sancho-Albero, M., Navascu├ęs, N., Mendoza, G. et al. Exosome origin determines cell targeting and the transfer of therapeutic nanoparticles towards target cells. J Nanobiotechnol 17, 16 (2019).

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