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  1. The adoption of pulmonary vaccines to advantageously provide superior local mucosal protection against aerosolized pathogens has been faced with numerous logistical and practical challenges. One of these persi...

    Authors: Zachary S. Stillman, Gerald E. Decker, Michael R. Dworzak, Eric D. Bloch and Catherine A. Fromen
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:39
  2. Wound repair, along with skin appendage regeneration, is challenged by insufficient angiogenesis and neural regeneration. Therefore, promoting both proangiogenic and neuro-regenerative therapeutic effects is e...

    Authors: Tiejun Yuan, Minhong Tan, Yang Xu, Qiyao Xiao, Hui Wang, Chen Wu, Fulun Li and Lihua Peng
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:38
  3. Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are crucial for the growth, metastasis, drug resistance, recurrence, and spread of tumors. Napabucasin (NAP) could effectively inhibit CSC, but its mechanism has not been fully explain...

    Authors: Boping Jing, Feng Guo, Rui An, Yu Gao, Yuman Li, Yuji Xie, Jing Wang, Yihan Chen, He Li, Tang Gao, Qiaofeng Jin, Li Zhang and Mingxing Xie
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:37
  4. Although a large amount of evidence has revealed that amyloid β (Aβ), especially Aβ oligomers, protofibrils, and pyroglutamated Aβs, participate primarily in the pathophysiological processes of Alzheimer’s dis...

    Authors: Akiko Amano, Nobuo Sanjo, Wataru Araki, Yasutaka Anraku, Makoto Nakakido, Etsuro Matsubara, Takami Tomiyama, Tetsuya Nagata, Kouhei Tsumoto, Kazunori Kataoka and Takanori Yokota
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:36
  5. Immunotherapy had demonstrated inspiring effects in tumor treatment, but only a minority of people could benefit owing to the hypoxic and immune-suppressed tumor microenvironment (TME). Therefore, there was an...

    Authors: Yading Zhao, Dandan Shi, Lu Guo, Mengmeng Shang, Xiao Sun, Dong Meng, Shan Xiao, Xiaoxuan Wang and Jie Li
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:35
  6. No commercial vaccines are available against drug-resistant Shigella due to serotype-specific/narrow-range of protection. Nanoparticle-based biomimetic vaccines involving stable, conserved, immunogenic proteins f...

    Authors: Namrata Baruah, Nadim Ahamad, Prolay Halder, Hemanta Koley and Dhirendra S. Katti
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:34
  7. Inflammatory regulation induced by macrophage polarization is essential for cardiac repair after myocardial infarction (MI). Berberin (BBR) is an isoquinoline tetrasystemic alkaloid extracted from plants. This...

    Authors: Ke Zhu, Yu Yao, Kun Wang, Fuqiang Shao, Ziyang Zhu, Yangmeihui Song, Zhangyongxue Zhou, Dawei Jiang, Xiaoli Lan and Chunxia Qin
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:33
  8. Although some tumor has become a curable disease for many patients, involvement of the central nervous system (CNS) is still a major concern. The blood–brain barrier (BBB), a special structure in the CNS, prot...

    Authors: Yang-Bao Miao, Wang Zhao, Gao Renchi, Ying Gong and Yi Shi
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:32
  9. Immune checkpoint inhibitors such as anti-programmed cell death protein 1 (PD1) block tumor growth by reinvigorating the immune system; however, determining their efficacy only by the changes in tumor size may...

    Authors: Gyo Jeong Gu, Hyewon Chung, Ji Yong Park, Ranji Yoo, Hyung-Jun Im, Hongyoon Choi, Yun-Sang Lee and Seung Hyeok Seok
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:31
  10. Combined therapy based on the effects of cascade reactions of nanoplatforms to combat specific solid tumor microenvironments is considered a cancer treatment strategy with transformative clinical value. Unfort...

    Authors: Zhuoyan Xie, Junrui Wang, Yuanli Luo, Bin Qiao, Weixi Jiang, Leilei Zhu, Haitao Ran, Zhigang Wang, Wei Zhu, Jianli Ren and Zhiyi Zhou
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:30
  11. Liver fibrosis is a chronic liver disease with the presence of progressive wound healing response caused by liver injury. Currently, there are no approved therapies for liver fibrosis. Exosomes derived from hu...

    Authors: Zilong Zhang, Jin Shang, Qinyan Yang, Zonglin Dai, Yuxin Liang, Chunyou Lai, Tianhang Feng, Deyuan Zhong, Haibo Zou, Lelin Sun, Yuhao Su, Su Yan, Jie Chen, Yutong Yao, Ying Shi and Xiaolun Huang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:29
  12. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a leading cause of death globally. Even though the progressive invention of some very potent therapeutics has been seen, the success is limited due to the chemotherapeutic res...

    Authors: Moumita Dhara, Ashique Al Hoque, Ramkrishna Sen, Debasmita Dutta, Biswajit Mukherjee, Brahamacharry Paul and Soumik Laha
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:28
  13. Magnetofection-mediated gene delivery shows great therapeutic potential through the regulation of the direction and degree of differentiation. Lumbar degenerative disc disease (DDD) is a serious global orthopa...

    Authors: Tianqi Wang, Hongqi Zhao, Shaoze Jing, Yang Fan, Gaohong Sheng, Qing Ding, Chaoxu Liu, Hua Wu and Yang Liu
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:27
  14. Dinuclear copper complexes have been designed for molecular recognition in order to selectively bind to two neighboring phosphate moieties in the backbone of double strand DNA. Associated biophysical, biochemi...

    Authors: Niklas Biere, Dennis Kreft, Volker Walhorn, Sabrina Schwarzbich, Thorsten Glaser and Dario Anselmetti
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:26
  15. Hematogenous metastasis is essential for the progression of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and can occur even after patients receive multidisciplinary therapies, including immunotherapy and hepatectom...

    Authors: Xiu-Yan Huang, Feng Li, Ting-Ting Li, Jun-Tao Zhang, Xiang-Jun Shi, Xin-Yu Huang, Jian Zhou, Zhao-You Tang and Zi-Li Huang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:25
  16. Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a common malignancy with the second highest mortality and the third highest morbidity worldwide. However, the overall survival of patients is unsatisfactory, thus requiring more effe...

    Authors: Shuqi Wang, Li Zhou, Hailong Tian, Bowen Li, Miao Su, Qiong Li, Edouard C. Nice, Canhua Huang, Jichun Shao and Tao He
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:24
  17. There is a serious global problem of salinization of arable land, causing large reduction in world food production. Use of plant hormones is an effective way to reduce damage caused to crops and salt stress.

    Authors: Haozhao Yan, Li Hao, Huayao Chen, Xinhua Zhou, Hongbing Ji and Hongjun Zhou
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:23
  18. Tetracycline (TET) is a broad-spectrum antibiotic commonly used in the treatment of animals. TET residues in food inevitably threaten human health. High-performance analytical techniques for TET detection are ...

    Authors: Si Yang, Chenxi Li, Hongyan Zhan, Rong Liu, Wenliang Chen, Xiaoli Wang and Kexin Xu
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:22
  19. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic nonspecific disease with unknown etiology. Currently, the anti-inflammatory therapeutic approaches have achieved a certain extent of effects in terms of inflammati...

    Authors: Yameng Cao, Kai Cheng, Mei Yang, Zhichao Deng, Yana Ma, Xiangji Yan, Yuanyuan Zhang, Zhenzhen Jia, Jun Wang, Kangsheng Tu, Jie Liang and Mingzhen Zhang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:21
  20. The slightest change in the extra/intracellular concentration of metal ions results in amplified effects by signaling cascades that regulate both cell fate within the tumor microenvironment and immune status, ...

    Authors: Feiyang Shen, Yan Fang, Yijia Wu, Min Zhou, Jianfeng Shen and Xianqun Fan
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:20
  21. The adoption of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) substantially extends the life expectancy and quality of HIV-infected patients. Yet, eliminating the latent reservoirs of HIV to achieve a cure remains an unmet nee...

    Authors: Leila Fotooh Abadi, Pramod Kumar, Kishore Paknikar, Virendra Gajbhiye and Smita Kulkarni
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:19
  22. The occurrence of osteoarthritis (OA) is highly correlated with the reduction of joint lubrication performance, in which persistent excessive inflammation and irreversible destruction of cartilage dominate the...

    Authors: Zi-Jian Zhang, Ying-Ke Hou, Ming-Wa Chen, Xue-Zhao Yu, Si-Yu Chen, Ya-Ru Yue, Xiong-Tian Guo, Jin-Xiang Chen and Quan Zhou
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:18
  23. Superhydrophobic substrate modifications are an effective way to improve SERS sensitivity by concentrating analyte molecules into a small surface area. However, it is difficult to manipulate low-volume liquid ...

    Authors: Zhihua Wu, De Zhao, Xin Han, Jichang Liu, Ying Sun, Yaogang Li and Yourong Duan
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:17
  24. Oral administration offered a painless way and improved compliance for diabetics. However, the emerging GLP-1 analog peptide drugs for diabetes primarily rely on the injection route, and the development of ora...

    Authors: Xiaoyan Bao, Kang Qian, Mengjiao Xu, Yi Chen, Hao Wang, Ting Pan, Zhengyi Wang, Ping Yao and Li Lin
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:16
  25. Malaria remains a serious threat to global public health. With poor efficacies of vaccines and the emergence of drug resistance, novel strategies to control malaria are urgently needed.

    Authors: Zhouqing He, Chuyi Yu, Ziyi Pan, Xiaobo Li, Xiangxiang Zhang, Qijing Huang, Xingcheng Liao, Jiaoting Hu, Feng Zeng, Li Ru, Wanlin Yu, Qin Xu, Jianping Song and Jianming Liang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:15
  26. Tendon–bone insertion (TBI) injuries, such as anterior cruciate ligament injury and rotator cuff injury, are the most common soft tissue injuries. In most situations, surgical tendon/ligament reconstruction is...

    Authors: Jiaxuan Zou, Weinan Yang, Wushi Cui, Congsun Li, Chiyuan Ma, Xiaoxiao Ji, Jianqiao Hong, Zihao Qu, Jing Chen, An Liu and Haobo Wu
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:14
  27. Macrophage polarization determines the production of cytokines that fuel the initiation and evolution of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Thus, modulation of macrophage polarization might represent a potential thera...

    Authors: Ni Yang, Miaomiao Li, Ling Wu, Yinhong Song, Shi Yu, Yingying Wan, Wenjing Cheng, Baoye Yang, Xiaoqin Mou, Hong Yu, Jing Zheng, Xinzhi Li and Xiang Yu
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:13
  28. Despite the development of therapeutic modalities to treat cancer, multidrug resistance (MDR) and incomplete destruction of deeply embedded lung tumors remain long-standing problems responsible for tumor recur...

    Authors: Jun-Young Park, Gyu-Ho Lee, Kwai Han Yoo and Dongwoo Khang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:12
  29. Using nanotechnology to improve the efficiency of tumor treatment represents a major research interest in recent years. However, there are paradoxes and obstacles in using a single nanoparticle to fulfill all ...

    Authors: Wei Zhang, Cuncheng Zhang, Chao Yang, Xingyue Wang, Weiwei Liu, Mi Yang, Yang Cao and Haitao Ran
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:11
  30. Schwann cells (SCs) respond to nerve injury by transforming into the repair-related cell phenotype, which can provide the essential signals and spatial cues to promote axonal regeneration and induce target rei...

    Authors: Jinsheng Huang, Geyi Zhang, Senrui Li, Jiangnan Li, Wengang Wang, Jiajia Xue, Yuanyi Wang, Mengyuan Fang and Nan Zhou
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:10
  31. As one of the most significant imaging modalities currently available, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has been extensively utilized for clinically accurate cancer diagnosis. However, low signal-to-noise rati...

    Authors: Ya’nan Zhang, Lu Liu, Wenling Li, Caiyun Zhang, Tianwei Song, Peng Wang, Daxi Sun, Xiaodan Huang, Xia Qin, Lang Ran, Geng Tian, Junchao Qian and Guilong Zhang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:9
  32. Tendinopathy is the leading sports-related injury and will cause severe weakness and tenderness. Effective therapy for tendinopathy remains limited, and extracellular vesicles (EVs) derived from adipose tissue...

    Authors: Guanghao Wu, Qihang Su, Jie Li, Chao Xue, Jie Zhu, Qiuchen Cai, Jingbiao Huang, Shaoyang Ji, Biao Cheng and Hengan Ge
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:7
  33. While several artificial nanodrugs have been approved for clinical treatment of breast tumor, their long-term applications are restricted by unsatisfactory therapeutic outcomes, side reactions and high costs. ...

    Authors: Qiubing Chen, Menghang Zu, Hanlin Gong, Ya Ma, Jianfeng Sun, Susan Ran, Xiaoxiao Shi, Jinming Zhang and Bo Xiao
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:6
  34. The aggressive proliferation of tumor cells often requires increased glucose uptake and excessive anaerobic glycolysis, leading to the massive production and secretion of lactate to form a unique tumor microen...

    Authors: Hyukjun Choi, Mirae Yeo, Yujin Kang, Hyo Jeong Kim, Seong Guk Park, Eunjung Jang, Sung Ho Park, Eunhee Kim and Sebyung Kang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:5
  35. Although the promising advancements of current therapeutic approaches is available for the squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) patients, the clinical treatment of SCC still faces many difficulties. The surgical irre...

    Authors: Peisen Zhang, Yingying Cui, Jian Wang, Junwei Cheng, Lichong Zhu, Chuang Liu, Saisai Yue, Runxin Pang, Jiaoqiong Guan, Bixia Xie, Ni Zhang, Meng Qin, Lihong Jing, Yi Hou and Yue Lan
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:4
  36. The kidney is a vital organ responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the human body. However, renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is a common malignancy of the urinary system and represents a serious threat to human ...

    Authors: Ruolin Wu, Keshan Wang, Yongkang Gai, Mengting Li, Jingjing Wang, Chenyang Wang, Yajing Zhang, Zhiwei Xiao, Dawei Jiang, Zairong Gao and Xiaotian Xia
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:3
  37. Silica nanoparticles (SiNPs) have been demonstrated to have beneficial effects on plant growth and development, especially under biotic and abiotic stresses. However, the mechanisms of SiNPs-mediated plant gro...

    Authors: Yiting Li, Keyong Xi, Xi Liu, Shuo Han, Xiaowen Han, Gang Li, Lijun Yang, Dongfang Ma, Zhengwu Fang, Shuangjun Gong, Junliang Yin and Yongxing Zhu
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:2
  38. A new aptasensor for detecting fumonisin B1 (FB1) in the maize samples was developed based on DNA- aptamer recognition and electrochemical technique. A thiol-modified single-stranded DNA (ss-HSDNA) was immobil...

    Authors: Behnaz Naghshbandi, Mohsen Adabi, Kamran Pooshang Bagheri and Hamid Tavakolipour
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 20:534
  39. Microgravity directly disturbs the reorganization of the cytoskeleton, exerting profound effects on the physiological process of macrophages. Although it has been established that macrophage M1/M2 polarization...

    Authors: Zhaoyue Fu, Yongli Hou, Håvard Jostein Haugen, Xutao Chen, Kang Tang, Liang Fang, Yong Liu, Shu Zhang, Qianli Ma and Lihua Chen
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2023 21:1
  40. Cancer immunotherapy has shown promising therapeutic results in the clinic, albeit only in a limited number of cancer types, and its efficacy remains less than satisfactory. Nanoparticle-based approaches have ...

    Authors: Bin Yan, Siyao Wang, Chen Liu, Nana Wen, Hugang Li, Yihan Zhang, Hao Wang, Ziyi Xi, Yi Lv, Haiming Fan and Xiaoli Liu
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2022 20:547
  41. Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD) aims to detect fetal-related genetic disorders before birth by detecting markers in the peripheral blood of pregnant women, holding the potential in reducing the risk of f...

    Authors: Yanyu Chen, Zhuhao Wu, Joseph Sutlive, Ke Wu, Lu Mao, Jiabao Nie, Xing-Zhong Zhao, Feng Guo, Zi Chen and Qinqin Huang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2022 20:546
  42. Periodontal tissue is a highly dynamic and frequently stimulated area where homeostasis is easily destroyed, leading to proinflammatory periodontal diseases. Bacteria–bacteria and cell–bacteria interactions pl...

    Authors: Dao-Kun Deng, Jiu-Jiu Zhang, Dian Gan, Jie-Kang Zou, Rui-Xin Wu, Yi Tian, Yuan Yin, Xuan Li, Fa-Ming Chen and Xiao-Tao He
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2022 20:545
  43. Hypoxia and high accumulation of lactic acid in the tumor microenvironment provide fertile soil for tumor development, maintenance and metastasis. Herein, we developed a calcium peroxide (CaO2)-loaded nanostructu...

    Authors: Shuangrong Ruan, Weimin Yin, Jiao Chang, Yan Yang, Jiuyuan Sun, Xiaoyi Ma, Ying Liu, Jie Zang, Yiqiong Liu, Yongyong Li, Tianbin Ren and Haiqing Dong
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2022 20:544
  44. The surface coating of iron oxide magnetic nanoparticle (MNPs) drives their intracellular trafficking and degradation in endolysosomes, as well as dictating other cellular outcomes. As such, we assessed whethe...

    Authors: Yadileiny Portilla, Yilian Fernández-Afonso, Sonia Pérez-Yagüe, Vladimir Mulens-Arias, M. Puerto Morales, Lucía Gutiérrez and Domingo F. Barber
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2022 20:543
  45. Synthetic nanoparticles with surface bioconjugation are promising platforms for targeted therapy, but their simple biological functionalization is still a challenging task against the complex intercellular env...

    Authors: Yuesong Wu, Shengli Wan, Shuo Yang, Haiyang Hu, Chunxiang Zhang, Jia Lai, Jiahan Zhou, Wang Chen, Xiaoqin Tang, Jiesi Luo, Xiaogang Zhou, Lu Yu, Long Wang, Anguo Wu, Qingze Fan and Jianming Wu
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2022 20:542
  46. Authors: Wei Liu, Ying Han, Xin Xin, Liqing Chen, Yanhong Liu, Chao Liu, Xintong Zhang, Mingji Jin, Jingzhe Jin, Zhonggao Gao and Wei Huang
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2022 20:541

    The original article was published in Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2022 20:281

  47. In vivo-mimicking conditions are critical in in vitro cell analysis to obtain clinically relevant results. The required conditions, comparable to those prevalent in nature, can be provided by microfluidic dyna...

    Authors: Oliver Riester, Stefan Laufer and Hans-Peter Deigner
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2022 20:540
  48. Authors: V. Patil, J. F. Hernandez-Franco, G. Yadagiri, D. Bugybayeva, S. Dolatyabi, N. Feliciano-Ruiz, J. Schrock, J. Hanson, J. Ngunjiri, H. HogenEsch and G. J. Renukaradhya
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2022 20:539

    The original article was published in Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2022 20:477

  49. Nanoparticles have now long demonstrated capabilities that make them attractive to use in biology and medicine. Some of them, such as lipid nanoparticles (SARS-CoV-2 vaccines) or metallic nanoparticles (contra...

    Authors: Enrica Soprano, Ester Polo, Beatriz Pelaz and Pablo del Pino
    Citation: Journal of Nanobiotechnology 2022 20:538

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